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Self-Defense Workshop at the Tattoo Shop!!! (Sept. 24th 6-8 @electrickittentattoo)

This workshop is FREE as always! Email to sign up!
The owner of Electric Kitten Tattoo Robyn Emlen who is a certified badass and incredible human being has given me this rare opportunity to hold my workshop at her amazing tattoo shop! Robyn shares my passion for sharing this vital information with as many LGBTQIA+ people as possible so she generously offered her spectacular tattoo shop as a space for this iteration of my workshop to take place. I am so grateful for this chance to offer these skills, knowledge and the crucial reminder of our warrior nature. The hope is you will never need to use self defense in your life but you will know that you are more than capable of defending yourself and you can do anything in life.
When I say "warrior" I am referring to the protector we all have within us that we often embody for our loved ones but not as much for ourselves. When I say I want us to own our warrior nature I am saying we deserve that protector to show up for ourselves. This protector, this power is something you innately have and have always had and even in systems of oppression you have power that no one can take from you because no one can truly claim that which is not theirs and does not belong to them.
The warrior is a protector, activist, healer, partner, leader. The Warrior is non- violent. Self-defense is the response to violence so self-defense is not violence.
Please come to this workshop and unleash the warrior in yourself!
I can't wait to learn from your powerful wisdom and I will share what I learn after the 24th.
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